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online music: Battleblock Theater Music

Artist: Patric Catani
Track: Battleblock Theater (Laidback Thrills)
Album: Video Game Music
Genre: Soundtrack

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Patric Catani (born Patric Krämer, 6th December, 1976 in Cologne, Germany) is the performing name of German Breakcore/Hip Hop producer. in 1991 he began Using a C64 Computer and 'ripping' the music out of old arcade games His first Hardcore/Techno/Gabba record in the 1992, aged 16 was made on a Amiga 500 after dropping out of school to join the rave scene. He firstly released music under the name E de Cologne, and a few more pseudonyms. His early work was influential to a lot of other Experimental and Breakcore oriented bands and musicians.

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