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online music: Battle Againsta True Hero

Artist: SharaX
Track: Battle Against a True Hero
Album: Battle Against a True Hero (Undertale Remix) - Single
Genre: Electronic

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●⦿●⦁●ⓢ●⦁●ⓗ●⦁●ⓐ●⦁●ⓡ●⦁●ⓐ●⦁●ⓧ●⦁●⦿●⦁ ❄ ~Home to Undertale, TF2 and perhaps Overwatch Remixes if I decide the game has enough swag to fill all my swag needs OM NOM NOM look at the best description you have ever laid your breadsticks upon. ⦁●⦿●⦁●⦿●⦁●⦿●⦁●⦿●⦁●⦿●⦁●⦿●⦁●⦿●⦁●⦿●⦁ I am also declaring myself the self-proclaimed Breadstick Queen and will attack other Bread Kingdoms if I feel threatened.

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